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NOTE: This script likely no longer works. You should instead start using Rosc's Weather Script, which is supposedly the official follow up to Murf's original weather script.

Download weather3.4.5.tcl.gz (2006-04-23)
Older releases: browse.

This is an update of the popular weather script by "Murf" (from blueday.org). It has had various problems in recent times as wunderground.com changes its page around, but Murf is no longer maintaining the script. I've heard there's someone that's officially maintaing a new version of the script, but also that said script doesn't work on older bots anymore... so anyway, here's this one. It works. Use it.

Download and gunzip the file. Toss it in your scripts/ dir.
Edit your bot config to "source scripts/weather-<version>.tcl".
Restart your bot or reload its config with ".rehash".
See script usage with ".wz help".

Questions? Comments? amrit@transamrit.net or EFnet/#hotbox.

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